I,d been horny since I had woken up from a wonderful dream, but I was running late for school. No time to fuck myself before I left. All day I just keep thinking about my dream. I.d rub my legs together getting my panties wetter and wetter. But now it was just too much. I had to touch my pussy through my panties and dip my finger in my soaking wet pussy under my desk.

It was test time and everyone including the teacher had their heads down. Since I sat in the back of class I opened my legs and slid my hand down my uniform skirt. I looked around the room to make sure no one was looking and placed my hand on my burning pussy. My panties were completely soaked. I wasted no time in pushing my panties aside so I could slip my finger deep inside.

I rubbed my clit with my thumb as I fucked myself with my middle finger. It wouldn.t be much longer now. Just as my orgasm hit I heard the teacher say, .OK girls, times up.. Quickly I put both hands on my desk, sat up and closed my legs. The teacher started to give us our homework assignments, but I was too busy trying not to scream out. As my orgasm was rushing through me.

Panties and Why Men Love to Steal Them

Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties. He swiped them off the floor and hid them in his coat pocket on his way out the door. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I wanted something to remember you by". He said he wanted to take my panties because they inspired "flashbacks" to our sexual adventures together. I thought that was rather cute and romantic.

Cute is a good word to describe an entire bracket of panty fiends. I asked a friend of mine to explaine why guys liked panties so much. He said "Panties are the item closest to a woman's body. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has her favorite pair of panties and every day they are discarded, dirty, into the laundry. They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns.So to have a woman's panties is like having a little piece of her with you."

These guys want a keepsake. This is not surprising because our sense of smell is a powerful sexual tool. Scientists say it's the pheromones in our sweat glands that atracts us to the opposite sex. These panty thieves only want the panties that belong to the woman they lust after. It is that one woman that makes those panties they steel so special to them.

The other type of panty thief is the man who just wants ladies panties and he doesn't really care whos they are. He uses these panties to enhance his fantasies; the woman who wore them is does not matter.

Often these men have panty fantasies early on. For example, maybe a man caught a glimpse of his teachers panties as she bent over to pick something up in class. Perhaps he then used that image of his teachers panties to fuel his sexual imagination. From then on any panties inspired his fantasies and actually owning a pair would enhance his fantasies more.

Other men are attracted to the fabrics or feel of the panties. most ladies panties are made out of soft fabrics like silk and satin. These materials aren't always available to men. Just feeling the panties reminds them of women. And still there are men that like to wear ladies panties. They'll try them on so they can feel their erection burst through the fabric. To reach this heightened experience of wearing panties some men will often steal them.

Stealing the panties can an expirence of its own. Like any sex act that includes taking risks like this it is usually motivated by adrenaline. As much as the man may want the panties, he also gets off on actually getting away with stealing them. This is so common that we see news reports of men getting caught stealing their neighbor's panties. Also laundromats have signs posted regarding the theft of one's items. (hmmmm I wonder why.) Some men brag about panty-stealing adventures. These men enjoyed the rush of rummaging through clothes hampers and dresser drawers at parties.

So I guess that men will be men and steel ladies panties, no matter if they like the smell of them, want a keepsake, want to feel the soft fabric against their skin, or just like the thrill of stealing them. These desires to steal panties are as unique as the men who have them. Which always proves to be true for all things sexual.